We Too Remember Those Who Have Died


Dear Bob,

I enjoyed reading your article Death Leaves A Heartache.

My family coming from Hur also called Memorial Day, Decoration Day. For years my mom, Hazel Hughes, would buy up flowers to be taken to the Hur Cemetery and the Slider Cemetery.

She went when she could but the last few years she wasn't able to walk too much. As she got older the more flowers she would buy.

Decorating more of the family members and of course losing loved ones along the way. This year was no different except I had one more special bunch of flowers to get and that was for her, my Mom.

I go to the Hur Cemetery more often now than one time a year. Now it is several times to visit with my Mom. She doesn't live next door to me now and I miss her a lot.

Remembering back to my childhood, we would go and spend most of the day at the Hur Cemetery, visiting with other family members, that come from out of state and of course Grandpa Grover, Grandma Rosa and all the aunts, uncles and cousins.

I have tried to teach my daughters and grandsons the importance to keep the tradition going.

My oldest grandson usually always goes with me to visit Mom and we always take something for her grave and he is the one that has to place it "just right." He is only five but he knows how to get to the Hur Cemetery and knows right where his Granny's marker is.

And he is learning where other family members are also. It is so important to me that Mom's tradition is carried on even when I am no longer able to do it anymore.

There aren't as many going to the cemeteries anymore and it saddens my heart to see gravies where on one comes to remember.

Shirley Naylor