Help With Old Mill Engine


Dear Bob,

My name is Barbara. I live in Western PA. 20 miles north of Pittsburgh. My husband and I purchased our house in 1971. On the property is an old feed mill. The original mill was built around 1886. It was run by a water wheel. It burnt down and was rebuilt around the 1900's. It has not operated since 1958.

The mill has four stories with a small shed on the top. I guess during its hayday it was a boom town here. The past two winters has taken its toll on the roof and I am going to have it torn down.

My husband passed away from cancer at a very young age this past November and I can't afford the taxes. My question to you is. Can you help me identify the engine that is in the bottom of the mill? It is very big.

It takes a 9x12 room up and I see wooden wheels on the side of it. It has 12 cylinders and 3 big heads. The frame says "The Buckeye" and the copper tag on the engine says "Climax Trustworthy Engines" Model #R-BU engine # 10524 Climax Engine co. Clinton, Iowa.

I have been looking at sites on the internet and asking various sites questions. I found a club that shows big engines near where I live that is interested in dismanteling the mill and cleaning the debris for the engine.

Do you think this is a smart move or is there another mill that would be interested in buying it? I have a picture that I could send you if you are interested. Thanks for any help you can give me. I am at a total loss with this.