Reaping The Benefits Of A Small Community


Dear Editor,

Now living in Parkersburg, I often reflect upon the differences in people in a small community like Grantsville and a little bit larger town like Parkersburg.

One thing that comes to mind is an incident in the 1970's when we lived at Pleasant Hill. At that time there was no 911, and the funeral home had the ambulance service. In the middle of the night, Jim Stump called us and asked us to go get our neighbors out of their house while he was on the way with the ambulance. It seems the neighbors had been overcome with gas fumes from a faulty furnace and the lady of the house called Jim and was able to tell him her first name only before she passed out.

Where else but Grantsville would Jim have known who she was by first name only, and who her neighbors were? Gary and I went and got the family outside. There is no doubt in my mind that saved the lives of three people.

Then again this week a great thing happened. My brother, Larry McCallister, e-mailed me to say that Connie Smith, who now lives in the house we owned at Pleasant Hill, and moved out of in 1978, had found our daughter, Dana's, original birth certificate while cleaning a closet.

We had searched for years for it and had given up hopes of ever finding it. Any place else, someone probably would have thrown it away, but Connie, knowing the connection between Larry and I (I don't even know her), contacted Larry.

I was thrilled and so was Dana. She just couldn't believe it! I really do miss the thoughtfulness of people back home, but this week I got to reap the benefits again. We are so grateful to Connie.

Carol Campbell