Get Your Cats, Please!


Dear Editor,

I'm sick & tired of all the cats down on Mill and River streets.

They are on my deck, picnic table and even yesterday one died out in my yard.

Flies were all over it while it was still walking around. What kind of a disease is going around?

If you people that own these cats don't want to feed and take care of them, don't get them.

If I wanted a cat, I would get one.

Why do we have to put up with other people's cats on our property? My neighbors are sick of it, too.

If they say there is no law to get rid of them, then what says we have to put up with something we don't want.

I hope you "ANIMAL" lovers will come and get your cats and take care of them or take them to a shelter where they won't starve and bother other people.

Would you want to run all over town to try to find something to eat?

I think not.

Katheryn L. Kerby