Desecration of Monument


Dear Editor,

This is written in regards to the destruction and desecration of the monument of Michael David Carpenter in the Hur Cemetery.

I hope that who ever went to all of the trouble realizes that I have no intention of being buried there. Whatever point they were trying to get across only showed their cowardice and ignorance.

Mike never had a lot in life, I only tried to give him the best in death that I could. It took me two years to pay for his monument. Mike did not deserve what was done to his resting place. Only a coward that hides beyond the darkness of night would do such an evil thing.

If it was a message to me I am here, I am not planning to hide, I have no fear of someone who can't even show their face.

The person that committed this atrocious acts was and is less then human. I honestly believe God will make people like this pay ten fold someday and when that day comes I certainly wouldn't wish to be in their shoes.


Charlotte R. Stutler Dunbar