Calhoun's Extraordinary People


Dear Bob,

I want to share with you what extraordinary people we have in Calhoun County.

On Saturday May 29th I married my Fiancé of 2 years. We were married at Brooksville Baptist Church.

During preparation for the wedding, my family decided that the Gym Floor was to dirty from all the tennis shoes wore on it and that all the black marks needed to come off.

Needless to say not only did my family and friends clean the gym floor but also they stripped and waxed it. They worked for 2 days at the church and the floor looked wonderful. But that was not the end of it, church members also gave the church a through cleaning while others trimmed and weeded all the shrubbery and flower beds.

My family worked for weeks on my flowers and decorations, and even stored them for us at their houses; the wedding programs were finished by a friend, so we would have time for other things; we were told not to worry about the wedding music, it was all taken care of by people we will cherish and appreciate for the rest of our lives.

The night before the wedding it was raining so hard that we worried about the river rising. The same night, a tornado was spotted in Wirt County. So needless to say the weather was horrid. But our wedding party and family braved the bad weather and came to help finish decorate and hold rehearsal.

The next morning at 6 am my aunt called to tell us the bad news…The church had no electric!

So off to the church we went. My dad made some calls and people started showing up with generators and floodlights. We ended up having enough power to run the essential things. My family pitched in that morning and helped cook all the food for the reception. Food was even sent to other places to be cooked since we couldn't do it all at the church.

Makeup was applied perfectly outside while the girl's hair was done with curling irons tied into to the generators. It was a very eventful and memorable day. What could have been a disaster, turned into a memorable event with the people of the community pulling together to make this girls special day even more special. I now have a wedding story for the ages. Something to someday share with my children. A very unforgettable day.

Needless to say the biggest thank you goes to our parents for all of the love and support they gave us. It was a wonderful wedding that could not have been pulled off if not for the love and support of those around us.

That week reminded me why I am proud to say I am from Calhoun County. Friends and neighbors always pull together and help one another without fail. Calhoun County is a wonderful community filled with wonderful people.

Andrew and I now reside in Vienna, WV, but I try and get home as much as possible because for me no matter where I go, or what I do, Calhoun will always have a special place in my heart and will forever be My "Home."

Thank you once again to all of you whom pulled together to help make my special day what it was.

I love you guys.

Tiffini Louise Tingler McDonald