Fighting for Smoking Rights


Dear Editor:

Written in response to a smoking ban in all businesses and on town streets in Braxton County, among other parts of West Virginia.

Many decades ago, a concern for public health led to the world's most aggressive anti-tobacco movement. The movement succeeded in banning smoking from government offices, civic transport, university campuses, rest homes, post offices, restaurants, hospital grounds and workplaces.

Unsupervised cigarette vending machines were banned and many were calling for a ban on smoking while driving. Tobacco advertisements were banned from films, billboards, posters and text sections of newspapers and journals. Science, health and education posters were produced depicting smoking as a despicable habit of less desirable citizens.

Tobacco taxes soared and constituted about one twelfth of the entire government income. Tobacco was denied to pregnant women and all women younger than 25, along with anyone younger than 18. Abstaining from tobacco was considered a "national socialist duty." After the leader of the movement, Adolph Hitler , committed suicide along with some of his henchmen in the Third Reich, the world's most aggressive anti-tobacco movement ceased.

Maryetta Ables, President
FORCES West Virginia
Fighting Ordinances and Restrictions to Eliminate Smoking
163 Ables Drive
PO Box 54
Sutton WV 26601-0054