Citizen's Letter: Helping Our Neighbor


Citizen's Letter

Dear Neighbors,

Sunday, July 11th our worship lesson was a teaching regarding the question of who our neighbor is and the call to love.

Since we are all neighbors to each other, I need to express my deep concern about the seemingly casual disregard smokers have for their neighbors.

Our prayer lists seem filled with people suffering from chronic bronchitis; others dying from lung disease, as many, it seems, as when we served in the coal fields.

Not yet on our prayer lists are the innocent who can not make choices to protect themselves. These are the children I see in the car with smokers; the babies brought into restaurants, and visiting work places where smokers have polluted the air.

For the love of neighbor, as well as self, let us commit ourselves to a county and state wide effort to provide 100% smoke-free work site environments.

Though we can not legislate these restrictions in the home and in private transportation, perhaps our loving efforts will help bring about change on the private level.

Holy Love for all,

Rev. Peig Schmitz