A Community Thank You


Dear Editor,

Thank you so much for the article about my auto accident on Tuesday, July 6th. The outpouring of love and support from my family, friends, and community members has been unbelieveable!

My family and I moved here from Florida 3 years ago and if that accident would have happened there, no one would have given it a second thought.

This expierence has shown me exactly why I moved my family to Calhoun County. It's the people! It wasn't until I saw the pictures of my car on the Herald that I realized how horrible the accident was. And how fortunate I was not to be killed.

I have very little recollection of the accident itself (although it is starting to come back slowly), as well as what happened immediately after the accident. I do know that there are alot of people that I do need to thank for saving my life:

Grantsville Volunteer Fire Department and Calhoun County EMS, especially Steve Heath who was the first on the scene and got me out of the car. You all do an incredible job on a daily basis. We all should give them a lot more support for going the extra mile every day. Thanks Guys!

Minnie Hamilton Health Care Center. The staff in the ER and the nurses on the floor also do an incredible job of making you feel comfortable and take outstanding care of you.

First Baptist Church of Grantsville. Pastor Jim Skedel was right there at the hospital with my husband and his wife Cathy for starting a prayer chain through the church for me. For their son Michael who is best friends with my son Dustin. He was right there for Dustin when he needed him. I love you all.

My family. My wonderful husband Harry who still hasn't yelled because the car got totaled (that's always a plus). My sweet little boy Dustin who was and still is right there for me. My husband's nephew Kenny. You are always there for me too.

I know that there is someone, somewhere that I left out and I'm very sorry for that, but thanks to everyone who has helped in any way the last few days, even if it was just a phone call, or kind word.

Linda Simmons