A Response to "Metaphors"


John 3:16

While reading the opinions and comments section of the Herald, I read the "Metaphors," column by Tony Russell.

I will address only one paragraph. That in itself has liberal spin all over it.

(1) The Budget. First of all, the insinuation is that somehow the previous administration was responsible for the economic boom. That is simply not true. The boom started long before Slick Willie was "elected" to the presidency. The liberal press refused to tell the American people about that. Had the economy not had a great head of steam, the tax increases would have destroyed it. Just like a great ship at sea, it takes a long time to turn the economy around. What "Slick Willy" inherited was the legacy of Ronald Reagan.

(2) Shed American Jobs. Take a quick trip out of West Virginia and look around. Construction is booming and the jobs in that industry are hardly low paying. Why not here? All sorts of people decry the lack of jobs in West Virginia and then blindly vote a straight Democratic ticket. They complain about the taxes and return the same bunch to the legislature and the governor's seat.

(3) Alienate traditional allies. Now that's a good one. What allies? Germany was soundly thrashed in World War II by the US and its staunch allies, Great Britain and Canada. I don't believe Great Britain has been alienated. The young punks in the streets demonstrating against the US never endured what their parents and grandparents did. And how many US troops died under French guns as they joined their buddies, the Germans in attempting to repel the US/British/Canadian invasion of France?

(4) Undermine the UN. Another real jewel. How can you undermine an "organization" that has fed off the US Taxpayer since its inception? The "leaders" of the UN would starve to death if they weren't spoon-fed by the US.

(5) Withdraw from vital international treaties. If Mr. Russell is speaking of that misguided liberal cause called the "Kyoto Treaty" then perhaps he would care to examine what it would have done to the high paying jobs he says are leaving our shores. That abomination would have killed American industry for good.

(6) Sully America's reputation. I don't see how. The leeches around the world don't call the US, "Uncle Sucker" for nothing. Instead of carefully selecting certain misguided information to fuel his own personal viewpoint, perhaps Mr. Russell would like to report how many hospitals, schools, power plants, water facilities, etc., ad infinitum, that the US has built in Iraq and Afghanistan.

(7) Give the green light to torture and abuse. A handful of people took it upon themselves to mistreat some Iraqi prisoners and somehow they got the go ahead from the Bush Administration. Let's look at torture and abuse. The beheading of an innocent American in front of the TV cameras. Is that abuse? The hanging of the bodies of Americans from a bridge. Is that abuse? What the Americans did cannot be condoned, but PLEASE, let's not call that torture and abuse. All that sort of rhetoric does is give credence to some outlandish claims of our enemies.

(8) Shift the tax burden... There's another bald faced lie from the left. Before "Slick Willie" and the Democratic congress passed the largest tax increase in history, I was muddling along thinking of my position as probably lower middle class. However, I had to be mistaken. I must have been rich since only those people were to have their taxes increased. I now find myself paying taxes on a large portion of my social security as well as the rest of my limited income. After they got through soaking the rich, I found myself paying an additional $1,500 in taxes. Now I have a bit of a breather. I well recall one of "Slick Willy's" campaign promises. I won't raise taxes. So much for the liberal promises.

Perhaps Mr. Russell should get a real good dose of reality and quit believing all the garbage he gets from the left.

Gerald L. Ball

Davisville, WV