OPINION AND COMMENT by Teresa Starcher

We are all saps. The entire population of these United States of America should go around with the word sap, printed across our forehead. This should be the least of our punishment because it is very apparent, by our own actions or lack of implementing this verb, which has landed us into this fine kettle of fish. Wherein we are left to stew in our own juices until our benevolent Uncle Sam has decreed that we are quite well done.

Now I will be the first person to admit that I am a complete nobody. But I am a citizen of The United States and our Bill of Rights states that I am free to voice my opinion, as are we all. We are masters at playing the blame game and excel in being "Bush bashers". Yet the truth of the matter is that the fault lies with us. "Where's our sign" WE ARE STUPID!

We moan and groan about the state of our economy but we never do anything about it. I say we turn radical about the whole thing and just simply refuse to play along with our government's cute games and stop jumping through their little hoops like trained puppies.

Take our gas price situation for instance. The US exports gas far below the price of its imports. While we export gas for around $34/bbl, we simultaneously import it for about $40. Who is paying the difference in price? Saps like us, that's who.

Don't you feel at least a bit irate when you fill your tank on Monday morning to go to work that week? Or have you already lost your job due to the price of steel? And if you had your ears on then you know what happened with the steel industry and its embargo. Bless Bush, but too little too late.

Our government is supposed to be duly elected by the people so here again it's our fault. The president himself, who we have chosen is controlled by the rulings of Congress whom also are voted in by yours truly.

So I would suppose it to be more prudent of us, instead of radically staging a national walkout or sit down strike for every individual trying to hold down a job and maintain a career, to simply put more thought into making the wisest choice possible when casting our votes.

Also I think a letter writing campaign can be effective with our congress, as are petitions to the local representative of our district. These aren't hard steps to take toward stopping the rising cost of gasoline. We're not asking for civil war here, but we need to find our voice.

In reality I suppose we will accept all this just as we mostly have done in the past and just sit on our hands as gas prices climb to $ 3.00 per gallon. After all we must go to work, or shopping or on vacation. Yeap, there's no help for it. We must get to work and pay our taxes. Must we?

Hur Herald from Sunny Cal
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