More On Whippoorwills


Dear Editor,

I just read your article about whippoorwills. I love hearing them. As a kid, I used to sit on the porch on a balmy, spring eve. and listen to them. The stories I heard were that if they called once, someone in your immediate family was going to die!

I moved to the "city" in 1968, to return to the farm where I grew up in 2002. I have longed to hear a whippoorwill all those years. On visits home to see Mom and Dad, I would occasionally hear one in the distance but I never got my "fill." Hearing them now fills me with nostalgia for days gone by.

I will be sitting on the porch in the evenings from now on hoping to hear their call. I live "just over the hill" from Hur near Stumptown, so maybe one of them from your "neck of the woods" will honor me with a visit some night soon.

Thanks for the Hur Herald once again!


Helen Woodyard

Dear Editor,

Just wanted to let you know of a strange occurrence we had in our holler for 2 or 3 years. It was a whippoorwill that sang his song backward. At least that is how it sounded. When we first heard it in the spring we thought that he was just too young to get it right and we used to listen to him and laugh. Then the next year and the year after he came back and still couldn't get it right. It was like he was saying "willlperwhooooop" and the "tune" or cadence was also reversed. Just thought I would throw that tidbit of information at you.

Bill Bailey