THE FROG POND - Signs Of The Times


The Stewart Family

By Suzanne Mazer Stewart

Certainly each passing of the clock brings its changes, but I don't think any of them are quite as dramatic as those that accompany the coming of Spring. From the stark white baroness of Winter to the sudden purple of the crocus and the brilliance of the robin's red breast, Spring just sort of pops into view. Even when Ol' Man Winter tries to hold on, his last attempts at snow and cold don't seem as nasty in the warmer glow of an early Spring sun.

We mustn't forget, either, about the inner signs of Winter's demise. No, I'm not talking about the raising of everyone's spirits or the sprouting of a gardening section in every store open for business. No, I'm referring to the true signs of Spring, those that let me know without a doubt the season has finally arrived in our house.

First, there's the track of mud from the back door through the pantry to the kitchen sink and the refrigerator. This was created when that darling, dear, sweet husband of mine decided he need a glass of iced tea while working on the new lattice that's slowly going under the back porch. ("You were busy and I didn't want to bother you.") The lack of a mud track to the bathroom tells me another thing about the season - it's once again warm enough to venture behind the garage to answer "Nature calls."

Then there's his tools and the messes, I mean, repairs, he creates with them inside. Right now, my bathroom looks likes a major disaster area from his "quick fix-it job" of the shower doors he started two Tuesdays ago. There's also the aforementioned new lattice lying about in the yard. ("But honey, it started to rain.") Oh, let's not forget the gallon of paint parked inside the back door or the rechargeable drill on the corner hutch ("That's where that empty socket is, dear.") Nor should we neglect the caulking gun perched on the dresser in the bedroom. ("I didn't want the kids to get ahold of it.") Meanwhile, the duct tape preventing the switch to the heat tapes from getting flipped off has been removed from the wall in the living room, so I guess it's not all bad.

This week's sudden drop in temperature and the unexpected troubles with the shower means some adjustments will have to be made, I guess. Certain alterations in one's habits are always included in the passing of one season to the next, I suppose. I've stopped trying to keep the bathroom floor clear of dry wall mud and bits of wall board. You just have to be careful when you step out of the tub to keep your feet on the bath mat. And I guess the kids can use the lattice work for an obstacle course as they come across the yard. (They're already using the sawhorses as hurdles and the pile of lumber has become first base.) Now, if I could just find a way to decorate that drill for Easter, I think I'll have it all under control.

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