SUPPORT OUR RED DEVILS NOW! - Close School And Line Up The Fan Buses


By Gaylen Duskey SPORTS EDITOR

I am neither the superintendent of schools nor the principal of Calhoun Middle/High School nor a member of the school board.

But if I were I would shut down the school Wednesday and line up as many fan buses as possible to make a trip to Charleston.


Because for the first time in the 80-year history of Calhoun High School the boys basketball team is making a trip to the state high school tournament.

The Red Devils play Winfield in the opening game of the four-day tournament Wednesday morning at 9:30 and there should be a sea of red in the Charleston Civic Center.

While I would not normally call for the closing of school for an athletic event this is not any athletic event.

No, this is much more.

This is a historic game that no graduate of Calhoun High School has ever seen. This game should be made available to as many Calhoun students and alumni as possible.

Just to get the magnitude of how big this game is consider that the United States has been in five wars during this period of time. Motion pictures went from silent films to talkies in that period of time. Man walked on the moon in that period of time as a matter of fact man had not flown 21 years earlier.

Babe Ruth hit 60 home runs in a season. Roger Maris hit 61. Mark McGwire hit 70 and Barry Bonds 73. The Berlin Wall was built and torn down. The Charleston had not been invented much less rock and roll. And more than 10,000 people went through Calhoun High School and not one of them ever saw their Red Devils in the state tournament.

That is how monumental this game is to the school and all the people of Calhoun County.

That's why I hope they close the school and line up the fan buses.

And while all that's going on how about coming up with some cheerleaders so that Calhoun won't be the only school in the tournament without a squad.

I've seen them at some games and not at others I missed them most at the Region IV final against Oak Hill. Oak Hill must have had a dozen cheerleaders and we had none. Sad.

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