Rumors Causing Problems For Everyone


Dear Editor,

Three weeks ago I sent an editorial to the Calhoun Chronicle regarding a rumor that I had heard.

Needless to say it was never printed. When I called to inquire the reason it was not printed. I was informed that it was at the discretion of the Morris' and Mr. Nichols.

The rumor, I believe, should be addressed now before it is too late. The rumor is causing problems for everyone.

Folks are saying that Mr. Blankenship is demanding a raise to $91,000 (from $81,000) with the promise to stay two more years.>

We need to know if this is true,and what the school board intends to do about it.

Calhoun County, as you know, has one of the poorest economies and the highest unemployment rate in the state. We also have one of the highest paid superintendents in the state, the highest salary if the actual number of children is factored in.

We the citizens and voters of the county need to know what is going on.

Mr. Blankenship's contract was approved two years ago in February.

If this is only rumor, GREAT!

If not, it could be important to take some action. Remember, you elect the school board, and they should know your opinions on matters such as these.

I would like a statement from a board representative or the superintendent himself telling us their intentions on this matter.

Thank you,

Linda McCartney