Dear Editor,

I'm in the criminal justice class at the Calhoun-Gilmer Career Center. At the beginning of this new year while job shadowing at the magistrates office in Grantsville, Mrs. Tetrick, our instructor called us and asked, if we thought we could raise the money to go to England in April, to further our education in the criminal justice field.

Many students were excited and others had doubt. We needed to raise $415 for each of the plane tickets and $100 of it was due in less than two weeks. Our parents thought our teacher was crazy. Within two days of Mrs.Tetricks notice we had found fund raisers to raise our trip money.

We started with a 50-50 drawing, a quilt raffle and an auction which were big successes. We had many donations and would like to thank those who contributed to our cause.

Thanks to the Hur Herald for posting our fund raising announcements. A special thanks to our secretary, Nancy, for taking good care of the $23,300 we raised.

Dustin Webb