Good luck Corey Burgess and Sam Craddock. #1 from Roane County. Grandpa Ralph Burgess, Grandpa Joe Craddock and Uncle Larry Reed, would have been so proud. All of our family are proud of you.

We would also like to wish Calhoun County Wrestlers the best of luck in the upcoming State Tournament. Stan and I had the pleasure of watching them compete in the LKC Tournament in Ritchie County.

Calhoun County has reason to be very proud of these wrestlers. Another LKC and Regional title is a great accomplishment. Coach Mike Stump conducted himself in a manner that represents the school and county well.

We watched the coaches reaction to the mistakes and losses the boys had. Some coaches treated their boys horrible, not giving them any encouragement as they wrestled, turning away from them as they came off the mat or giving them "That Look." We noticed Coach Stump was always giving direction or encouragement to the boys, and if they made a mistake or had a loss, he may have corrected them, but it came with a handshake and a pat on the shoulder, showing the boy that he truly cares about them as an individual.

I encourage anyone that can, to go watch these boys compete.

Corey and Sam are family and Calhoun County will always be home to me, so GOOD LUCK to all.

Linda Reed Edwards