Shaffer wanting genealogy info...


Dear Bob,

We've never met.. I'm Mike Shaffer, husband of Connie, who is a neice of Edgar & Thelma Weekley.. her mother is Ruth Stemple. Ruth was born on Frozen Run in 1924.

Ruth has a sister, Zella, and her other brother who died a couple of years ago, Ronzel. Maybe you know these folks. Anyway, we go to Minnora (is that how it's spelled?) cemetery on decoration day, and I've noticed quite a few "Shaffer" headstones. My lineage is a little strange, suffice it to say that my last name is also Shaffer.

What I'm trying to find out is the genealogy of my grandmother Shaffer's first husband, Wilbur. My grandmother was (died 1985) Agnes. I hear Wilbur died in 1928 from apparent appendix rupture. I believe he is buried in Belpre, Ohio, but I don't know.

So, is there anyone there.. or do you know how to definitively find out more about whether Wilbur was from Calhoun County? I'd sure like to know. As you can probably guess, my immediate family never taught me much about our family's history.

So any help I can get would be welcomed. This help needn't be all-inclusive.. just a good starting point would help.

Thank you,

Mike Shaffer

Walker, WV