Thanks for the "Real Sunny Cal"


Dear Editor,

I try to check the Hur Herald every day for news from 'back home'. I have written once before to thank you for a picture you had shown of my Grandparents' house on Beech last June, the John C. and Fanny Ellison farm.

This time I am thanking you for the picture and article of my grandparents, Cal and Grace Jarvis, "The Real Sunny Cal..." My Mother, Bonnie (Jarvis) Ellison is the youngest daughter. This picture brought back many fond memories of the annual reunions while my grandparents were still living. That particular picture was taken at the 'home place', and was a picture of only the great-grandchildren. Many more great-grandchildren were born after this picture. I have three children of my own, who were not born at the time of that picture.

Reunion days were spent with lots of good food, picture taking, and visiting with the many relatives who gathered in locally, and from different states. I am very proud of my Grandparents and the heritage they gave to each of us. I actually have the newspaper article written by Susan Graham, which you used.

Thank you again for publishing this article, and having the pictures. Thanks to Aunt Geneva, and cousin, Kim Perkins, for their part in providing pictures and information. No matter how far we go in life, it is good to look back from where we came, and thank our God for all those who have made our lives possible.

Pamela (Ellison) Jones
> Berea, KY