I.O.O.F. Cemetery-Bethlehem Cemetery


Dear Editor, I enjoyed your article very much about the cemetery by the Bethlehem Baptist Church. When I was young I used to roam over all of that cemetery as it was not far from my home.

Every Memorial Day we made it a point to go there and view the beautiful flowers placed for loved ones who had passed on. However, unless it has changed, the cemetery's real name is the I.O.O.F. Cemetery and it is or was maintained by the Grantsville I.O.O.F Lodge of which my father was a member.

Each Memorial Day he and other members made it a point to place the Lodge flags on the grave of each Lodge member in that Cemetery as well as every Cemetery in Calhoun County. I appreciate your article and know it took quite a bit of research to write it. You deserve a lot of credit for bringing a lot of attention to Sunny Cal which would have otherwise gone unobserved. Calhoun needs more people like you and your wife.

Take care and thanks again,

Kathryn Ellyson