AN AMERICAN'S PERSPECTIVE - Weapons of Mass Destruction-David Kay


By Roger Propst

In the past few days former chief weapons inspector, David Kay, has stated his opinion that stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction previously believed to have been in Iraq prior to the U.S. led coalition invasion probably do not exist. He states that all the intelligence organizations, the CIA, British, French, German, Israeli, Australian, as well as the United Nations, were all wrong. He included himself in this group believing WMD existed.

It is apparent that a great failure in intelligence gathering has occurred, and the Bush administration's intelligence on weapons in Iraq was faulty. President Bush will appoint an independent commission later this week to investigate this colossal failure of our country's intelligence gathering capabilities in order to find the problems and fix them. It is absolutely imperative that we have the best intelligence agency in the world in this dangerous world of terrorism and rogue state acquisition of weapons of mass destruction. Of course before the ink had dried on the first reports of Dr. Kay's findings, the Bush Bashers were crying, "Gotcha!" The seven Democrat Presidential wannabes reiterated their Bush is a liar and deceiver viewpoints. Never mind how silly and illogical that line is, it seems to play to the hard line liberal left wing of the party. Adolph Hitler once said, "Repeat the same lie long enough and people will believe it." Not even in national defense do we seem able to leave raw partisan politics behind, and do the right thing.

The idea that the President lied to the American people hinges on at least one impossible fact: that he knew for a certainty that the intelligence agencies of America, Britain, France, Germany, Israel, Australia, and even the United Nations were all wrong. He then embarked on an invasion to remove Saddam Hussein by military force, the outcome never in doubt, which would result in the immediate exposure of the "lies" he had told. This "Bush lied" rhetoric is ludicrous and total nonsense, and is far more a lie than what this group contends is such. I have written in previous columns about the duplicity of many of the war critics and listed quotes of their beliefs about Iraq and weapons; Ted Kennedy, Bob Byrd, President Clinton, Madeline Albright, John Kerry, Jay Rockefeller, Hillary Clinton, Tom Daschle, and on and on and on. The CIA Director, George Tenet, was appointed by President Clinton and retained by President Bush. If one accepts Dr. Kay's opinions on WMD, and I do, then one should accept the rest of what he says. Kay says it would appear the weapons were not there in the 1990's when the above-listed Bush Bashers were making their claims. That being so, they, then are also liars if Bush is now. Iraq was indeed in breach of U.N. Resolutions; it had an active program in development of long-range missiles, and was working actively with the deadly poison, ricin, right up to the invasion. Probably the most telling observation Dr. Kay has detailed is that it is his belief that Iraq was actually more dangerous than previously thought, because of the loss of central control of weapons and the free flow of terrorists in the country. He said, "The coming together of terrorists seeking WMD, and a provider in Iraq was inevitable."

The Bush administration approached the weapons in Iraq in a much different way than did his predecessors over the previous twelve years. He was committed to act against it. Others were content to describe the threat, to rail against it and to do nothing. As Colin Powell said recently, "The president took the case to the international community and said: For 12 years, you have been defied. What are you going to do now? It's time for us to act."

It was 12 years of inaction, just as much as any illicit weapons programs that challenged the rule of law and the peace of the world. During that same time period, Islamic terrorists drew strength from perceived American weakness, planning and executing attacks that culminated in the cataclysm of September 11th. Not only is the world a safer place without Saddam Hussein and his terrorist-haven nation, it is also a safer place because the Bush administration showed that the United States is as good as its word.

All Americans would rather solve international crises without force and subsequent loss of life, but anyone who believes Saddam Hussein could have been removed without the use of force, is dreadfully nave, not facing reality, or both. The fact of the matter is that the same antiwar faction in America was advocating loudly for the removal of economic sanctions against Iraq, saying they were killing innocent Iraqi women and children. America was of course to blame, not the murdering tyrant in charge of the country. Who else was advocating for sanctions removal, why our friends, France, Germany, and Russia of course. Either Saddam was going to be removed, or the sanctions removed and Iraq welcomed back into the international community, the oil flowing and providing billions for the reconstitution of the weapons program. The unilateral invasion of Iraq with troops from over 30 countries, and financial assistance from an additional 30+, did the world an immeasurable service and liberated 25 million people from the bloodthirsty tyrant in charge. Because the backstabbing "friends", France, Germany, and Russia did not join does not make the coalition unilateral. Our troops have been killed by French and Russian weapons sold to Iraq in violation of the sanctions after the 1991 war, and Germany built the bunkers under Baghdad to protect the murderous regime.

We will have a choice this year when we elect our leader, we can continue our strong stance on taking the fight to terrorists, and keeping our homeland safe, or we can return to bowing at the altar of the inept, wobbly-kneed United Nations.

I know how I will vote!

Hur Herald from Sunny Cal
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