78lb. winners left to right: Grounds (Brax) 7th, Parsons (Rip) 5th, Lynch (Sh.Sp.) 3rd, Garringer (MT) Champion, Searls (PPM) 2nd, Gungle (Cal) 4th, Pennybacker (Wil) 6th, and Fisher (Spen) 8th with Tony Cavalier of WSAZ presenting awards.

84lb. winners left to right: Crist (Brax) 7th, Daft (Mann)5th, Clark (Cal) 3rd, Jenkins (E Fair) Champion, Thompson (Mil) 2nd, Metz (Edi) 4th, Bush (Blen) 6th, and Smith (Mil2) 8th with Tony Cavalier of WSAZ.

By Melissa Hixon

Calhoun Middle Wrestlers competed in the WSAZ Invitational Wrestling Tournament at the Veterans Memorial Field house in Huntington on Jan. 23 and 24.

Calhoun had 10 wrestlers participating Friday night with four wrestlers moving on to Saturday's competition. (90) Kameron Reip, (110) Aaron Yoak, (116) Josh Deweese, (123) Kayla Hixon, and (145) Jacob Haught were out in the single elimination-first round. (190) Zach Yeager was knocked out in the second round with a loss to Hundley from McKinley.

(135) Caleb Hart finished up Saturday morning with a loss to Rice of Pt. Pleasant Middle.

(275) Randy Brannon had two losses on Saturday, Hipes of Pt. Pleasant Middle and Shirley of Pt. Pleasant 9th. (78) Sean Gungle and (84) Cody Clark moved into the finals on Saturday evening competing for 3rd and 4th. Clark placed 3rd with a win over Metz of Edison.

Gungle placed 4th with a loss to Lynch of Shady Springs. Calhoun placed 23rd with 68 points in team standings.

Tournament records were: (78) Sean Gungle 4-2, (84) Cody Clark 5-1, (90) Kameron Reip 0-1, (110) Aaron Yoak 0-1, (116) Josh Deweese 0-1, (123) Kayla Hixon 0-1, (135) Caleb Hart 1-2, (145) Jacob Haught 0-1, (190) Zach Yeager 1-1, and (275) Randy Brannon 2-2.

Season Records are: (78) Sean Gungle 21-6, (78B) Brandon Masiarczyk 2-6, (84) Cody Clark 22-1, (90) Kameron Reip 13-5, (110) Aaron Yoak 8-9, (116) Josh Deweese 6-8, (116) Jeff Goodrich (injured) 11-4, (123) Kayla Hixon 3-13, (135) Caleb Hart 8-6, (145) Jacob Haught 3-8, (190) Zach Yeager 10-5, and (275) Randy Brannon 19-5.

Correction: Calhoun actually tied Clay Co. with 16 points in the Roane Invitational, but with the 2nd criteria of who had more champions, Clay took the 3rd place win.

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