By Roger Propst

After getting back into town from a business trip, I decided to have breakfast as I usually do at the Koffee Kup. Upon being seated, and having just placed my order, my old friend, Joe approached and sat down on the opposite side of my booth. It was immediately obvious from the look on Joe's face and his agitated state, that something was not sitting well with him. "Joe, you look like your blood pressure is so high you're about to pop. What the heck's wrong with you?"

"Have you seen the latest nonsense about Bush and the war that guy that writes for the Hur Herald has put on there? I replied that I had read it the previous evening upon my return from my trip, and had some serious reactions to it myself, but asked Joe to tell me what had him so upset. "Well, I was still so excited and happy about last weekend's news that our brave soldiers pulled that stinkin' coward, Hussein out of that rat hole and locked him away where he can't hurt anyone anymore, and then I read that blather that he wrote and didn't see a thing about the capture. Instead it's nothing but a rehash of the same old b.s. about lies, and radiation they've got on them from their own guns, and us going in by ourselves, and on, and on."

Seizing an opening in the conversation as Joe took a much needed breath, I said, "Joe, I felt the same way when I read the piece myself. Anyone reading that article would believe we were the bad guys, and that is what the writer believes. His opinions are from the extreme fringes of the left wing of the political spectrum. He is one of the "BAF" crowd, Blame America First. In the case of Iraq, when all else fails, they start ranting about America being allied with Saddam in the 1980's. He was the better of two evils at the time, Iran being the other. Remember, we were allies in WWII with Stalin's Russia. Foreign diplomacy sometimes requires strange alliances."

By this time Joe had caught his breath, "I just can't understand how someone could watch those video tapes of men with their hands and feet tied being thrown off the roof of a building, others having their tongue pulled out and cut off, and another guy having half his head cut off by a sword when his executioner's aim was faulty, and say this war was unnecessary. I cry every time they show those mass graves being excavated while distraught relatives of missing loved ones frantically search through skulls and body parts trying to find some identification that might end their anguish of not knowing what may have befallen these poor people."

"Yeah, Joe, I feel the very same way! I understand we have located at least 270 mass graves, and so far have confirmed they contain at least 300,000 bodies. Some are estimating the total will reach 1,000,000 before all is said and done. Saddam also used poison gas on the Kurds in the north of Iraq, killing 5,000 men women and children, but this guy says we started a completely unnecessary war. Without mentioning any of this, he states in his article our President's hands have the blood of hundreds of U.S. soldiers, and thousands of Iraqi civilians upon them. Totally silent on whose hands really have innocent blood on them."

By this time, Joe had again caught his breath. "Yeah, did you see that stuff about the soldiers thinking they were going over there for a month? My dad fought in World War II; he left home in 1941, and didn't get home until '45. He didn't talk much about the war, but he did tell me once, he said, 'Son, some things are just worth fighting for! When we saw what that madman had done to those people in those camps, we knew we had been a part of something great.' And what's he talking about flying body bags in at night and hiding them from the public?"

"Unfortunately, Joe, it's just a political complaint, because the Administration doesn't want a circus atmosphere surrounding the solemnity that should accompany these tragic events. War critics just want this displayed on television screens and newspaper pages in hopes of weakening the resolve of the American people. Americans know our soldiers are dying over there, and they grieve with every loss. The idea that the anti war people are somehow more compassionate is ludicrous."

Joe continued, "And another thing, I'm getting real tired of this guy calling President Bush and his advisers liars. Clinton and all those Democrats said the same thing about those weapons of mass destruction. Even the U.N. inspectors said he had those weapons in 1998 when they were forced to leave. Now Saddam says they were destroyed in 1991. If Bush is a liar in 2002, then Clinton, Byrd, Kennedy and all those were lying in 1998."

"Exactly, Joe! The fact of the matter is that the writer has constantly called the President a liar, but is in fact a liar himself. A direct quote from the article, 'They claimed it was indisputable that Saddam Hussein was involved in the attack of September 11.' That statement is a blatant lie! I challenge the writer to prove it by producing a quote. Neither President Bush, nor any other administration official ever made that claim. Another quote, 'These are people who went on for months, all over TV, claiming they had conclusive evidence that Saddam Hussein had tons of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons he was ready to use on the U.S. Every piece of that was unreal.' That statement is another blatant lie! The intelligence the Administration had may be proven to be inaccurate, but mistakes are a far cry from intentional lies. If one buys the Iraqi line that all weapons were destroyed in 1991, then all the edicts about them during the Clinton administration were also lies. This guy tries to convince us our President is a liar by lying himself; some argument!"

Joe jumped back in, "I am just very proud of my country and our brave soldiers. Someone needed to help those poor souls in Iraq, and get rid of that butchering Hussein. It was obvious the United Nations wasn't going to do anything, especially with Saddam's trading buddies, France, Russia, and Germany protecting him."

"I agree Joe, with one exception. History will ask why we waited so long?

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