By Wayne Wright

I want to thank all those that participated in the Veterans Day Walk and Dinner on Nov. 8th. I especially want to thank Kevin Sears, band director and three of his band members, Adam Fontaine and Abram Goff, drummers, and Andrew Metz, horn. The drum cadence made the Walk much more than just a walk. The echoing taps at the end of the program brought tears and chills. I want to thank Rev. Ken Heiney for a great job presenting his words of spiritual inspiration. On behalf of our Post, we can't thank each of you enough.

I want to thank Sheriff Andy Cheuvront and members of the fire dept. for the escort and keeping us out of harms way from traffic. The Walk had a good turn out, estimated at about 55 to 65 that participated. We will try to have another one on Memorial Day.

At the Dinner we packed the building, the new tables were full, and then some. Again the Ladies Auxiliary came thru on preparations and making it run smoothly. We even signed up some new members. I want to thank Sam Baldwin, State Commander, and Jim Horner, District Commander for being there. Certificates of Appreciation were given to non members Chuck and Rex Quick for all their help in working on the VFW facilities, and to Richard Reynolds for conducting 50/50 drawings at his auctions for the benefit of our Post. Vonda Jones was the lucky winner of the Remington rifle that we sold raffle tickets on. Again thanks to all that participated and made it all a success.

On Nov. 11th, Veterans Day, Susana Raab was finalizing her WW II and Korean War veterans project by photographing: Preston Andrick, Virgil Batten, Basil Bumgarner, Perry Daughtery, Bill Dorsey, Robert Hall, Carl Ledsome, and Harley Morgan. I want to thank her and these men for the contribution of time and a few tears for this precious project. Susana has advised me that she hopes to be able to send copies of finished product by the end of Dec.

On Nov. 13th Ken Brogdon, Jim Cumberledge, and Bill Dorsey participated at the Middle School, giving the students a chance ask these veterans questions about their service to our country. I want to thank Dwight Goff for the invitation of our veterans to participate in a very worthwhile project.

Nov. 15th we hosted German TV network at our Post workday. Barbara Beeman, reporter for the network, had called me and asked for our Post members to be a part of a TV segment for their German TV audience. It was to center around the Jessica Lynch interview on ABC. We were to watch the taped interview and then comment on it. But after they arrived and saw our Post building and the Ladies preparing goodies for the troops, and the men doing chores of maintaining the building, they decided that this was too good of a scene to pass up and they decided to film all the activity that was taking place. As they filmed they listened in on casual conversation, the Ladies discussing their project and whatever else women discuss, the men discussing sports, hunting, too old to talk about women and too dangerous with their wives being very close by. The reporter asked questions concerning the war, Jessica, and our feelings of each. A copy of the segment will be sent to me later to share with our members, as it will only appear on German TV.

At my request, and at the joy of the Ladies, the men prepared a lunch of fried ham, fried potatoes, brown beans, sauerkraut, and cornbread. I requested sauerkraut because of our German TV friends. It didn't take much for our guests to be enticed to join us in our feast. I must say the men did an outstanding job of cooking, almost rivaling the Ladies, almost. Domestic politics you know.

The German TV crew was very nice and it was a warm encounter. The Ladies packaged up close to 75 lbs of cookies and goodies for the troops. The men got some things done too. Those working that day were for the men: Virgil Batten, Perry Daugherty, Bill Dorsey, Bill Lessner, Dave Tugman, and Wayne Wright. For the Ladies: Mary Daugherty, Judy Dorsey, Cora Holcomb, Cleo Lawson, Sandra Lessner, Kathy Shea, and Sandy Wright. With contributions by: Margie Allen, Marjorie Batten, Doris Slack, and Luciele Young.

The TV crew wanted to film a church service and my wife Sandy invited them to her church at Pine Twist for Sunday services. They were warmly greeted there and they filmed several minutes of the service. They advised Sandy they were leaving and shortly afterwards Sandy went out to bid them good-bye. When Sandy went out she discovered that they had set up their camera and was videoing her fathers tombstone. A coincidence, they had not known it was her father Lee Null of German ancestry and was a WW II vet who had been at the attack of Pearl Harbor. He survived the attack but two of his buddies that had been setting on each side of him at the mess table were killed.

Speaking of Jessica Lynch earlier, I heard that she had a hard time hitting the ball when she played softball, but she sure hit the home runs during her tv and book appearances Veterans Day week. I am very proud of her and family and of her being a member of our Post. Barbara Beeman, the German TV reporter, after observing Jessica at the Mall signing books, said when a little kid came up to Jessica, Jessica's face just lit up with the love she has for children. I know the dogs in the manger are nipping at Jessica's heels but unless they have ever been at the eye, I feel they really have nothing to say.

Our Post 6608 welcomes new VFW members, Bud Ford and Paul Reynolds. The Ladies Aux welcomes Ann Ford as their new member.

Those of you that have loved ones overseas don't forget to send their names and addresses to Sandy Wright, Rt 2 Box 108, Elizabeth WV 26143, for the Ladies Aux Cards for Christmas project.

On behalf of the Veterans of our Post and the Ladies of their Auxiliary, I want to thank everyone that has contributed in the many different ways of supporting our VFW Post this past year. We wish you the Merriest of a Christmas and the Happiest of a New Year.

May God bless every one of you
May God bless the troops in harms way
May God bless the United States of America

Wayne Wright, Commander
Elizabeth VFW Post 6608

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