"CHICKENS IN THE ROAD" - Blog Worth A Visit


One of the state's most interesting blogs with country-life photos has its origin in Roane County - "Chickens in the Road: Life in Ordinary Splendor."

Chickens in the Road

It is certainly worth a visit.

Writer Suzann McMinn returned to her family roots three years ago to 40 acres of land in rural Roane.

The 44-year-old McMinn said she was at a crossroads following a divorce.

Figuring that as a writer, she could take her laptop computer and work anywhere, she turned to her family's 200-year-old roots just outside Walton.

McMinn, who has written 26 books, many with the Harlequin romance imprint Silhouette, keeps a daily Web log of her adventures in rural living.

The blog continues to garner a lot of attention, mostly because it reflects country life.

The link is on the Herald's link page.