Willis "Tom" Gainer died in 2003 at age 63

By Bob Weaver

Tom Gainer use to say "I'm just an ole country boy." It was not a self-deprecating statement. He was a country boy. "You've still got a great twang and a drawl," I joked with him. "I like it," he said, "Never did want to get above my raising." I told him I liked it too.

Tom was a former Calhoun commissioner, and served in many community groups and performed his "giving back" duties.

Tom was a throw-back, more suited to a century ago, full of tales and jokes, finding great comfort in the wonder of the sod - the simple life, farming and hunting.

He was a dedicated neighbor, a "time taker" to volunteer and help out. Life in Calhoun County suited him fine.

He was a fellow graduate of the Class of 1958, likable, fun and devoted. Over the years he helped plan our class reunions.


James Whitcomb Riley's

A Song Of Long Ago

Let the fragrant summer breeze
And the leaves of locust trees
And the apple buds and blossoms
And the wings of honey bees
All palpitate with glee
Til the happy harmony
Brings back each childish joy to you and me

U. S. Army 1963, Vet and Army Reservist

Working for the Department of Human Services

Tom and his wife Emily 1970's

Let the eyes of fancy turn
Where the tumbled pippins burn
Like embers in the orchard's lap of tangled grass and fern
There let the old path wind
In and out and on behind
The cider press that chuckles as we grind

Mary Grace and Tom

"Now this is a turnip"

Tom and Noah - The Great Pumpkin Patch

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