It could be rather startling that more Calhoun kids have COVID-19 than the elderly, according to the WDHHR.

Children 0-9 - 9.4%

Children 10-19 - 18.8%

Adults 20-29 - 9.4%

Adults 30-39 - 9.4%

Adults 40-49 - 13.3%

Adults 50-59 - 16.9%

Adults 60-69 - 15.0%

Age 70+ - 7.55%


“This thing is going away, it will go away like things go away. My view is that schools should be open."... “If you look at children, children are almost, I would almost say definitely, but almost immune from this disease." - President Donald Trump

There are more Americans hospitalized today due to COVID-19, than ever before…including children.

Three months ago, in Ohio, 8,572 kids had tested positive.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Children’s Hospital Association, in its latest report that came out, that number has now increased to 33,024.

24,452 more children diagnosed with COVID-19 in Ohio in three months.

In Kentucky, the number has grown from 3,900 to 19,500.

And in the Mountain State, back in August only 1,000 children had tested positive… that number is now 4,421.

“The numbers speak for themselves,” said Ryan Mitacek, M.D., a resident at CAMC and Family Care. “Our numbers have definitely gone up."

And the severity of the cases are getting worse, and some children die.

“We had a PIC-U kid who was knocking on death’s door,” said Mitacek. “Thank God we were able to mobilize modern treatment, and he is now doing much better, but it was pretty scary.”

These scary moments are creating controversy at the state level when it comes to deciding whether the state should go back to in-person class after the holidays.

“It is a difficult issue,” says Dr. Clay Marsh, WV’s Coronavirus Czar. “And it’s one I know the Governor struggles with, Superintendent Burch struggles with, and we all want to make sure it’s a safe and effective environment.”

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