Calhoun County Schools announce 'Alternate Bus Routes' have been developed and may be utilized for Calhoun County during inclement weather. When Alternate Bus Routes are utilized, parents will be notified through school messenger and local media.

Routes listed below show secondary routes that will not run when utilizing Alternate Bus Routes:

Bus Route 1- Chis Lacy (Bus #3) Yellow Creek at 9:15 am, turn around on Back Fork at 9:44 am, Dominion Station on Klipstine at 10 am, turn around on Nobe Road at Fingerboard Road at 10:12 am, PHE at 10:30 am, CCMHS at 11 am

Bus Route 2-Marshall Bever (Bus #4) Bus will turn at Horse Run Ridge

Bus Route 3-Joe Taylor (Bus #23) - No Alternate Route required.

Bus Route 4-Tim Able (Bus #30) This also applies to when we have high water. Bus will not run on Lower Leading Creek Road. This includes the section of the road from the Fred Jones to Bertha Jones residences. The affected families should meet the bus at Coal Fork Road at 10 am. Affected families include Michele Jones, Melissa Jones, Shelia Jones, Krystal Jones, Joshua Moss and Dreama Reed.

Bus Route 5-Greg Hawkins (Bus # 10) Bus will turn on Walnut Road at the Roger Chenoweth residence at approximately 9:30 am.

Bus Route 6-Rick Metheney (Bus #7) Bus will not run on Mt. Zion Road otherwise known as Pine Creek Road. Parents can bring students to the Mt. Zion church to board the bus at 10:25 am.

Bus Route 7-Terri Allen (Bus #26) Bus will start and pick up students at the mouth of Upper Nicut Road at 9:40 am, Mt Run Road at 9:45 am, turn and will not run Bear Run Road but pick up kids at the end of road at 10:10 am, will continue to Route 16, to AES at 10:35 am, to CCMHS at 10:50 am

Bus Route 8-Barb Norman (Bus #9) Bus will not pick up Dennis Fork and Hughes Fork, students will need to meet the bus on top of the hill at Hur Church 10:00 am.

Bus Route 9-Barry Miller (Bus #29) Bus will not go down Annamoriah Road. Will be at wide spot below Barry’s house at 9:40 am

Bus Route 10-Tricia Harris (Bus #20) If weather does not permit, bus will not run on Beech Road. Students can board bus at 9:45 am at Milo end of road. If weather does not permit, bus will not run on Spring Run. Students can board bus at the old AES drive at 10:20 am.

Bus Route 11-Tom Lewis (Bus #17) No changes required.

Bus Route 12-Jeff Brannon (Bus # 21) Bus will not run Milo/Oka Road and Little White Oak Road. Bus will pick up students from these roads at the Horse Ring at 10:15 am, end of Sears Run at 10:20 am, and the Minnora School at 10:25 am.

Bus Route 13-Kenneth McCumbers (Bus #15) No changes required.

Bus Route 14-DeWayne O'Neal (Bus #12) Bus will not run on Walker Road. Students can board bus at Chloe Hardware at 10 am.

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