Lew Craddock and Donna Umstead, co-directors of the First Baptist
Church Calhoun Food Pantry, are grateful for their many volunteers

By Bob Weaver

"We continue to serve more Calhoun families with much better food," said Donna Umstead, who with her co-director Lew Craddock have regularly been issuing food to 500 families in need.

Volunteer Craddock said the numbers have increased with the elderly and the working poor at the First Baptist Church Food Pantry.

About 800 families have been served by the pantry, which is open Tuesday and Thursday from 11 a.m.-1 p.m, the pantry is located on Route 5, just east of Grantsville.

Umstead explains pantry's Food Pack program for children

An upgrade to food provided includes healthier fruits, vegetables and meats

The pantry also has a Food Truck Give-Away once a month, with about 225 families showing up.

"We have about 20 dutiful volunteers who help with the project," said Umstead, who said the group also does a Pack-Pack food give-away for students to take home.

Those needing food can be issued a two box limit.

Most of the food is provided by Mountaineer Food Bank, but fresh fruit, vegetables, and some prepared food is donated by Walmart and Tudors.

The pantry has also been designated as the Emergency Disaster Shelter for Calhoun, with electrical backup and emergency supplies.

Cash donations are always needed to keep the project going. They can be made to First Baptist Church Food Pantry, PO Box 237, Grantsville WV 26147. Food donations are also accepted.

Gail Krugman and John David Stump are among
many volunteers who assist with distribution

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