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December 2, 1900

Mrs. W.M. Nitz, whose illness has heretofore been mentioned, is we are glad to say improving.

The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L.H. Booher is very sick at this writing.

Mr. M.J. Tanner, of this place is doing some repairing on her store house.

J.L. Goff has erected a telephone from his house to his corn field, which makes things convenient.

Joe Nester, proprietor of the Daniels run cash store, is to Jackson county, on business.

John L. Goff, says he cleans his barn regular once in every two years.

T.J. Starcher, who has been stabling his horses in this field for the last 3 or 4 years is erecting a new barn for that purpose, and it will add much to the value of his farm.

Singing at the Starkey school house every Saturday night by Prof. L.H. Booher . All are invited to attend.

Madison Leech is digging for oil on his fathers farm on Daniels run. He is working in good faith, Success to you Madison.

Enoch Leach say he heard the whistle of the locomotive, several times, and it sounded like it was running the Grantsville bend.

Pete Starkey, who took the boat at Creston a few days age, for the Philippines, has, we are glad to say, returned.

The people of this community will organize a literary society, at the Starkey school house, next Wednesday night, with Judson Nitz in the bench.

Simon Whitzell, the politician of Daniels Run, say he lost a quart in the recent campaign but he can't pay it under the present administration.

D.H. Nester has purchased an ox team of S.S. Keith, and is putting out a fine lot of timber.

Hansford Bailey, a young educator, of Daniels run, was calling on his best girl, a few evenings ago, over the way, and during the night started for his home, and on traveling a short distance discovered he was on the wrong road, and after wandering for some time in the dark became discouraged, and frightened, and began to cry, when the writer came to his rescue, which relieved his sufferings, and at this time he (Hansford) says he will go there again - no never.

Ira Yoak, who is teaching the Starkey school on Daniels Run, was calling on friends at Grantsville and vicinity, last Saturday and Sunday. He reports that Anthony will do your ferrying at all hours in the night.

Harley Downs, a refined young gentleman, of this community, talks of going into the ministry soon. He says he thinks that to be his calling, and he is going to warn sinners to flee the wrath to come. We all wish him success.

Hurrah for the Chronicle and railroad coming to Calhoun. (It didn't)

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