Justin Wizard and companion Tina Rappaport
during his fight to overcome cancer

By Bob Weaver Oct. 2011

Justin Wizard was a bigger than life kinda guy who lived on Walker Road, whose exuberant and expansive ideas often overwhelmed Calhoun residents, but whose convictions about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness was contagious and redemptive.

Justin lost his valiant struggle Friday morning from Acute Myeloid Leukemia, one of the most aggressive and hard to eradicate cancers.

His web site said he was a writer, researcher, educational speaker, world traveler, business consultant, and technological inventor.

To most Calhoun citizens he was able to turn simple things into useful things, and grow some marvelous gardens and produce.

A graveside service was held at his farm.

His companion Tina Rappaport said the "mitzvah-like" memorial will be brief, which will include the dropping of handfuls of dirt into his grave.

Rappaport said "None of us will ever be the same for having known Mr. Amazing Man."

Wizard's Lamborghini created quite a stir
at the Ramp Festival at Chloe in 2007


"Life is good, or as you choose to perceive it. Decide which inner voices and choices you will follow. Where you spend your time is where you get your results. Calamities are just a learning experience or a needed change of direction created explicitly for you."

"Find your passions. Broke and frustrated people are doing everything but using their unique creative gifts. Encourage self sufficiency. Don't do someone else's homework. People are basically kind and generous unless they are hurting or fearful."

"Anger continually perpetuates a situation. What you bless blesses you, what you curse curses you, ten fold. Life is a learning school, not a punishment. Participate, don't be a spectator. Don't be lazy waiting for God to do it for you."

"Start anywhere with anything. Just start. Schedule it done. Action cures fear. Once you've done it, it's no big deal is it?"

"Live what you preach. Children are the direct reflection of parents neurotic or peaceful actions and thoughts. Parents are to teach all living skills and set a good example, not overindulge, be entertainment directors or taxi drivers. They are to teach values and manners so the children are welcome in any situation."

"Unclutter and untangle your life. Time is short. Go! You plunks down your nickel and you take's your chances. Be open to all opportunities and possibilities. If you don't spend your money on what you want, it attracts expenses, repairs and dumb stuff. Use or lose it."

"Go adventure. The more you try the better you get. Learn... love... share... try things... be available... serve others. Enthusiasm is contagious."

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