Directory of
Calhoun County Schools

"Standardization of Schools"
"Pupils Reading Circles"
"A Library of 30 Volumes Additional for Each Teacher"
"County Scholastic and Field Meet"

"Better Schools for Calhoun County"
"Equal School Opportunities"
"Better Attendance"

Judge Circuit Court, Lewis H. Miller, Ripley
Clerk Circuit Court, L.L. Ferrell, Grantsville
Prosecuting Attorney, Bee Hopkins, Grantsville
President County Court, J.A. Morford,Grantsville
Commissioners County Court: William Webb, Big Bend; G.G. Griffin, Adam
Clerk County Court, R.C. Hardman, Grantsville
Sheriff, R.J. Knotts, Grantsville; Deputies, J.W. Conley, Chloe; Cleo Gainer, Mt. Zion; Alice Marshall, office deputy, Grantsville
Superintendent Free Schools, Hanning Poling, Russet

Terms of Court
Circuit Court: Third Tuesdays in April, August and November
County Court: First Mondays in January, April, July and November

Important Dates
April 10 and 11, Diploma Test
April 20, Examination for H.S. Credit, Renewal of certificates and Coupons of credit
May 22 and 23, First Uniform Examination
July 10 and 11, Second Uniform Examination

Calhoun County High School President, Dr. Ray C. Morford, Grantsville
Member, W.E. Stump, Apple Farm
Member, Clyde Snider, Freed
Member, Shirley Wayne, Beech
Secretary, Hanning Poling, Grantsville

High School Faculty
Marvin Cooper, Principal, Grantsville
Elizabeth Cooper, Aritmetic, Algebra, Grantsville
Charlotte Seward, English 3&4, Library, Grantsville
Miles Kochenderfer, History & Coach, Grantsville
Sue Mathews, Ancient & Modern History, Grantsville
J. Darwin Bond, Gen. Science & Biology, Grantsville
Owen Corwin, Chemistry, Grantsville
Kathyrn Witt, Commercial, Grantsville
Nellie Cornell, Home Economics, Grantsville
Lois M. Garber, Music, Grantsville

Board of Education of the Grantsville Graded School
President, Mrs. Grace D. Weaver, Grantsville
Member, Witt Poling, Grantsville
Member, J. Elmer Hall, Grantsville
Secretary, L.L. Ferrell, Grantsville
Roy J. Kemper, Principal, Grantsville
Trusolow Waldo, Grantsville
Eloise Stump, Grantsville
Della McKinney, Grantsville
Helen davis Corwin, Grantsville
Tressie Bailes, Grantsville

Sheriadan District Board
President, A.T. Eagle, Big Bend
Member, R.A. Ferrell, Big Bend
Secretary, G.W. Ferrell, Big Bend
J.W. Yoak - Brooksville Sch. - Big Bend
Eva B. Yoak - Brooksville Sch. - Big Bend
Ada Maze - O'Brion Sch. - Industry
Erma G. Sharps - Three Mile Sch. - Brohard
Bessie D. Collins - Pine Grove Sch. - Freed
R.F. Dye - Coal Fork Sch. - Smithville
Thomas Cain - Annamoriah Sch. - Big Bend
Ira L. Haverty - Big Root Sch. - Big Bend
T.C. Cain - Spruce Hollow Sch. - Big Bend
Everett Cain - Lemuels Run Sch. - Big Bend
Center District Board
President, C.F. Hosey, GrantsvilleBR> Member, L.T. Stump, Grantsville
Ernest Wilson, Grantsville
Secretary, Claude Osborne, Grantsville
Lizzie Reynolds - Bell Hill Sch. - Hur
F.D. Weaver - Ward Sch. - Mt. Zion
Walter T. Scott - Upper Pine Sch. - Mt. Zion
Harry C. Miller - Lower Pine Sch. - Grantsville
L.K. Stemple - Leaf Bank Sch. - Grantsville
Pansy Bush - Snider Ridge School - Big Springs
Oley Wilson - Ayers Sch. - Grantsville
Fanny Smith - Kenna Sch. - Grantsville
Elias Yoak, Jr. - Klipstine Sch. - Grantsville
Leman Wilson - Broomstick Sch. - Grantsville
Clara M. Richards - Pokeberry Sch. - Big Springs
Mac Barr - Beech Valley Sch. - Grantsville
Harley Ferrell - Prosperity Sch. - Grantsville
J. Elmer Hall - Silcott Sch. - Grantsville
Ota Marshall - Sicott Sch. - Grantsville
Cecil Wolverton - Mt. Vernon Sch. - Big Bend

Washington District Board
President, E.O. Conley, Orma
Member, B.M. Siers, Minnora
Member, A.C. Douglas, Milo
Secretary, Bee Hopkins, Minnora
J.K. Hamrick - Bear Run Sch. - Orma
L.C. Arnold - Frozen run Sch. - Euclid
Thelma Conrad - Arnold Sch. - Orma
Eupha Stalnaker - Big Run Sch. - Minnora
Homer Witte - Beech Grove Sch. - Minnora
C.M. Engelke - Beech Grove Sch. - Nicut
Casto Farrar - Walnut Sch. - Walnut
Brunna Arnold - Walnut Sch. - Walnut
W.M. McKown - Matheny Sch. - Stinson
Nella Lamb - Walker Sch. - Douglas
Fae Starcher - Douglas Sch. - Douglas
Erma Meadows - Stinson Sch. - Stinson
Cleora Chenoweth - Mud Fork Sch. - Mud Fork
Minnie Hicks - Little White Oak Sch. - Chloe
W.W. Bailey - White Oak Sch. - Milo
Ivah Brannon - Minnora Sch. - Minnora
Eva Lou Brannon - Minnora Sch. - Minnora
Roscoe Summers - Orma Sch. - Orma
Elizabeth Chancy - Orma Sch. - Orma
Shirley Wayne - Wayne Sch. - Beech
Freddie Hicks - Cottrill Sch. - Oka
Pascal Bailey - Milo Sch. - Milo
W.W. Wallbrown - Mill Run Sch. - Milo
Hettie Eismon - Rush Run Sch. - Orma
Mae N. Hicks - Oka Sch. - Oka
Lloyd Davison - Fink Sch. - Milo

Lee District Board
President, G.L. Whytsell, Richardson
Member, T.H. Slider, Rocksdale
Member, Grover C. Houchin, Arnoldsburg
Secretary, Delbert Lynch, Arnoldsburg
L.L.Ball - Craddock Sch. - Rocksdale
Imogene Morgan - Lynch Sch. - Arnoldsburg
Ernest Kelley - Arnoldsburg Sch. - Mt. Zion
Verbal Hickman - Arnoldsburg Sch. - Leatherbark
Eula Brannon - Spring Run Sch. - Adam
Ruth Miller - Apple Grove Sch. - Arnoldsburg
Leona Shaffer - Elm Falls Sch. - Millstone
Leah Brannon - Daniels Run Sch. - Millstone
A.J. Stemple - Mt. Beulah Sch. - Joker
Eva L. Buck - Pine Grove Sch. - Hur
Leton Powell - Beech Sch. - Millstone
Glayds Walker - Cedar Grove Sch. - Cremo
Julia Cooper - Goose Nest Sch. - Creston
Ernest McCoy - Little Creek Sch. - Mt. Zion
J.M. Wilson - Red Sch. - Grantsville
Lelah Ball - Tuttle Hill Sch. - Rocksdale
Delbert Lynch - Cabin Ridge Sch. - Arnoldsburg
Daniel Duskey - Cremo Sch. - Cremo
Kathleen Bailey - Big Leatherbark Sch. - Leatherbark
F.H. Marks - Liberty Hill Sch. - Beech
Holly Nestor - Millstone Sch. - Millstone
Mrs. Harry McDonald - Mt. Zion Sch. - Mt. Zion
W. Lester - Pink Sch. - Pink
Jewell Mace - Little Leatherbark Sch. - Pink
Virgie Riggs - Barnes Run Sch. - Rocksdale
G.G. Kelley - Deep Valley Sch. - Mt. Zion
Edward Starcher - Hur Sch. - Hur
Commodore Nutter - Jessies Run Sch. - Adam

Sherman District Board
President, Valarie Poling, Apple Farm
Member, William Johnson, Grantsville
Member, Kester Divers, White Pine
Secretary, R.F. Bennett, Apple Farm
Nelsa Farrar - Upper Rush Run Sch. - Apple Farm
Elsie Witt Wilson - Union Sch. - Arnoldsburg
Lurland Robinson - Fairview Sch. - Millstone
Owen Bennett - Lower Rush Run Sch. - Dodrill
Corel Poling Russet Sch. - Grantsville
Tessa Tennant - Russet Sch. - Grantsville
Shirley Hickman - Enon Sch. - Grantsville
Harold Elliott - Bull River Sch. - Grantsville
Georgia Varner - Hog Knob Sch. - Grantsville
W.W. Barton - Hattie Sch. - Henrietta
Kenneth Hall - Knight Sch. - Sand Ridge
Bernard McDonald - Hathaway Sch. - Mt. Zion
Yula Mae Frame - Barr Sch. - Grantsville
Edna Ferguson - Number Seven Sch. - Nobe
Ira Yoak - Bear Fork Sch. - Grantsville
Opal Hardman - Oak Hill Sch. - Grantsville
Walter E. Elliott - White Pine Sch. - Grantsville
Frank Ferrall - White Pine Sch. - Grantsville

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