By Alvin Engelke

The big Farm Bureau sponsored candidate forum and picnic will be held Saturday, September 8 in the afternoon at the Ritchie County 4-H grounds just off 16 south of US 50 and north of Harrisville. Everyone is invited to attend.

The Creston ATV poker run is scheduled for September 22. It should be a fun ride.

Rev. Keith Belt filled his regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. Church and served Holy Communion. Pauline Brumfield provided special music.

The Creston area received considerable rain from the remnants of Hurricane Isaac.

Everett Parsons, age 92, of Petroleum passed away in a nursing home in Ohio. A native of Crummies Creek he was the last member of mountain rifle repairman Curt Parsons' family. Many Creston residents knew his brother Joe who lived on Straight Creek.

The Annamoriah Cowpoke and sidekick Steve Basnett were calling on Bob Basnett at the Miletree Center in Spencer. The Cowpoke reported that a big tree fell on his mother's residence in Brooksville.

Parris Parsons reported that his granddaughter is getting married in Ireland.

The Ground Hog Homecoming was held on Sunday, September 2.

Lots of folks were in the Creston area for the three day weekend and many were riding four wheelers.

Local residents were among those saddened by the death of the two state troopers by a drug addled youth at the Wallback exit on I-79. Some residents knew Trooper Workman and others knew his family while others knew Cpl. Bailey. Both were excellent examples of what lawmen should be. For certain blood is on the hands of those who insist on coddling drug dealers. The anti tobacco people are also in on pushing the use of 'recreational drugs'.

Charles Russell was calling on Ray Gumm and brother Euell Russell.

A number of local residents watched the movie "2016". Everyone should watch the picture show before voting in the November election.

The Calhoun road crew mowed the grass again along W. Va. 5.

The new Annamoriah bridge is now open and barriers have been placed to block access to the old span.

Gov. Earl Ray announced that he is for the importation of elk into West Virginia so they can be hunted. A group called "Sportsmen for Earl Ray" is on board and the "group's" address is that of Charleston lawyer Phil Reale who is associated with the Big Eared One's campaign and, of course, bans against private citizens having guns for any reason. In addition to the danger to the traveling public [just imagine hitting one of those things in a small car] there is the problem with disease that spreads to domestic livestock -- but does the ruling oligarchy care?

Judge Joe Bob Goodwin showed his contempt for the citizens of Wood County when he ruled for the "Civil Liberties Union" against the Wood County School system. Not so long back Judge Joe Bob had ruled to protect Dominion and Equitable (EQT) in class action cases where they were cheating West Virginia property owners. He and his family had taken care of the "big boys" as part of being "the ruling class" in West Virginia. One of Joe Bob's relatives calls the shots at WVU (the school that gives bogus degrees to the politically connected) which recently scored a #1. WVU was ranked the #1 party school in the nation beating out Ohio University over at Athens. W. Va. leads on several other lists, teen age pregnancies, children on welfare, overweight children, high school dropouts, etc.

The Clint Eastwood performance at the Republican National Convention was one of his best times anywhere when he interviewed the empty chair which had a teleprompter. The cries of "foul" indicate that he hit pay dirt. Those who missed it can find it on the world wide web -- those who don't have internet can go to the local library.

Gasoline has gone up to the $4/gallon range but since "W" isn't president it, from the perspective of the news media, is "no big deal". The federal reserve indicted that they were going to do more "quantitative easing" [QE_3] which means, in effect, there will be more money printed which means that whenever there is a recovery there will be massive inflation. On the short term commodities that trade on the world scene --crude oil, grains, etc. will go up in price.

The price of local Pennsylvania grade crude rose to $95.87/bbl with Appalachian light sweet (drip) fetching $82.78, Marcellus & Utica light $86.66 and medium $97.37.

Equitable (EQT) said that they would pay a 19% royalty and Antero said they would go to 20% on Marcellus & Utica. Out west where Antero comes from 20 & 25% royalties are the norm and Cabot, Wirt County's largest OG owner gets 25% royalty when leasing to others.

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